Tanzania gets its Tennis Colours

Today, we can confirm about a very exciting moment: materials’ arrival for eight-year-olds who will be part of the program.

by Federico Coppini
Tanzania gets its Tennis Colours

From its beginning in South Africa, the Tennis World Foundation (TWF) project is now being developed in Tanzania, as well. A few days ago, we had told you about the promising partnership with a primary school in Arusha, a city not that far from Kilimanjaro, whose authorities understood the potential and intentions of TWF.

Today, we can confirm about a very exciting moment: materials’ arrival for eight-year-olds who will be part of the program. A simple 41-second movie warms the heart: you can see dozens of children, who are not part of any school, lined up in perfect order, and listening carefully to the words of an instructor and answering in chorus, displaying lively enthusiasm.

They are all wearing the Foundation t-shirt: it's beautiful, white in colour with the word "Love" and a stylized tennis ball in place of the "O". Apart from the t-shirt’s interactive graphic, an important message is conveyed through the simple word.

Not only does TWF aim to improve the children’s tennis-playing abilities but its main goal is to share joy, happiness and – indeed – love with so many children who would not have any such opportunity, otherwise.

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain”. ―Vivian Greene
Everyone also wears a hat: if, it is a habit for us at times to wear one, in Sub-Saharan Africa it is a necessary tool to protect oneself from the sun’s heat.

Observing the children’s enthusiasm for the newly-received material provides two-fold happiness. Not only does it help open their eyes to what should have been life’s priorities but for us, it fills our heart with happiness.

It also reminds us of how certain things that are taken for granted in the opulent western world are not the same elsewhere. Like, for us, getting a new t-shirt is almost trivial. For those children, it is the best moment of the week, perhaps even of the month, and a topic of discussion when they return to their respective homes.

The Tanzanian project is aimed at helping 140 children, and is of a three-month duration. A few who display best talent among these numbers (anywhere between 24 to 32) will participate in a more competitive course that will be of a six-month duration.

All this has been made possible thanks to TWF’s commitment and, of course, because of offers and donations of enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s easy to donate, too through The TAB Tennis Foundation initiative.

It has been active for some days now: it is a very simple tool to use. Just install the extension and every time, you open a new tab on your browser, a small gift reaches the foundation. The extraordinary aspect is that this activity does not cost anything for those who do so, yet it contributes in making the world a better place.

Up to now, TWF has helped around 600 children, but we do not want to stop there. Your help is essential to see more and more movies like this. Movies that improve the day of those who see them.