A Sweet Cry from the Stellenbosch Valley: “I want to win Wimbledon!”

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A Sweet Cry from the Stellenbosch Valley: “I want to win Wimbledon!”

“I want to win ... WIMBLEDON!” while pronouncing the name of the most prestigious tournament in the world, Weber Gedenk Primary School’s delightful girl student took a leap of true excitement, the kind of enthusiasm that only children can have.

Maybe one day she will really step onto the Church Road’s lawns, but for now she can play on the lawns in Stellenbosch, where one of the schools that is part of the Tennis World Foundation project is located. Finding a point of understanding about this was quite easy, almost natural.

Founded in 1962, the "Weber Gedenk Primary School" is a reference point for the community in the area. Despite a harsh economic reality, teachers of this institution never fail to convey positive spirit to their students.

This is reflected in the students’ attitude.

“It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty”. ―Dalai Lama
You can see it in the videos that are shared with us, in which activities like even passing the ball (the fundamental exercise to develop hand-eye coordination), and learning basic forehands, are carried out with irrepressible joy. "Although there have been so many challenges over the years, we are very motivated to grow and develop day-by-day," say the school children.

With such a spirit, the partnership with TWF was inevitable. Among other things, the beauty of the locale was just as big a factor: the school is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of Stellenbosch, where there is so much space to practice sports.

A large percentage of students (about 70%) come from surrounding farms, while others come from Jamestown and Kayamandi. Places where tennis is not a priority, as the challenges to be faced in everyday life are very different.

The Weber Gedenk Primary School is particularly more impressive for another reason. Recently, a settlement centre for displaced persons was opened in the area for those who had faced social and cultural problems. The staff of the school has been working hard to integrate children who need intense social and educational support.