Tennis For Change

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Tennis For Change

A winning story can become a fairy tale. However, in order for this to happen, we need some components to build the narrative. In Africa something like this is happening thanks to the Tennis World Foundation. Why Africa? Upon close inspection, it can be seen that Africa is the ideal place to find great little heroes.

There are hundreds and thousands, probably even millions. The heroes of this story are many poor children who have had only one misfortune: to be born on the "wrong" side of the world.

We have used quotation marks because there is nothing wrong with being born and living in Africa, but unfortunately poverty is a real thing.

It is often tragic. A history of rebirth arises from objectives, some very specific ones that Tennis World Foundation has set for itself. First of all, thanks to a tennis racket, our heroes will stay away from the typical plagues of poverty.

This would be enough to declare our project a success but TWF’s task does not end here: a qualified staff will increase the athletic and social skills of children, directing them towards a complex sport like tennis.

Moreover, thanks to sport, children will not limit themselves to their social circle but will know many new people, fellow children who are moving away from a dusty life to which they seemed condemned. Thanks to these "skills", they can aspire to receive a scholarship and build new perspectives.

Moving from the concreteness of a fairy tale to the dream of a fairy tale, someone could even become a professional tennis player. It would be a miracle, given that top-level tennis players from sub-Saharan Africa can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

And the few that have emerged co me from wealthy families, or at least from a privileged situation. The figure is not surprising, because there are so many obstacles in this corner of the world. The first is the germ from which all evil develops: poverty.

Many schools have no facilities to bring children closer to sport. In the absence of a proper structure, obviously, there are no specialized teachers. Children come from families who cannot afford access to rare and expensive private clubs, so these obstacles become an increasingly high wall.

On the contrary, delinquency and crime are at hand. Thanks to the efforts and constant commitment of the TWF, a child can discover something new: passion for something healthy (in this case, a sport like tennis), to draw vital energy to get out of a life without prospects.

Our little heroes can show all their determination. Qualities they have had within, but which would never have emerged without the work of the TWF. When the story is completed, as in the fables we read in elementary schools, a moral can be found.

In this case, there is a mix of desire and determination, the basis of each person's rebirth, important qualities that need fertile ground to emerge. The work of the TWF is a lesson for everyone, in any field: of never giving up in the face of difficulties, even those that seem more insurmountable, because it is important to lay the groundwork for inner qualities to emerge.

Sometimes all that is needed is to believe and to find a way to get these qualities out. And then there is the personal and human satisfaction of those who contributed to the project. People who ar directly involved with the foundation and all those who helped out by donating.

You can sponsor a child, sponsor a project or make a general donation for these children who need your support.