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Helping children who are part of the Tennis World Foundation project has never been easier. And it has never been this fun. This sounds like a commercial TV slogan from the 80s and the 90s, but it's all true. It is very serious.

The foundation created by Federico Coppini, which aims to offer a chance of growth and development for children born and raised in some disadvantaged areas of the African continent, has identified a simple, effective and free system for making donations.

There is the possibility of making traditional offers, but it is really impossible not to join the TAB Tennis Foundation: in short, it is a question of installing the tool on your browser that brings the initiative to your home page.

Every time a new TAB is opened, at no cost to the user, a mini-offer starts in favor of the Tennis World Foundation. Navigation is not affected in the least and – we repeat – it does not involve any outlay for those who join.

But it does not end here: starting from 20th of January 2020, mini-prizes will also be up for grabs. You read that right: thanks to the TAB, not only will the offers cost nothing, but they will also give the possibility of obtaining gift cards that can be spent on Amazon, the most well-known online store.

It is a small competition among users: when you open the TAB for the first time, just click on "Partecipate Our New Race". There is a counter that informs about the number of TABs open during the week and month. The competition starts on the 20th of January and will take place on a monthly basis: by clicking on your image, you enter the ranking with users who have opened more TABs, both during the week and the month.

Of course, there will be a limit: no more than 200 TABs can be opened per day. Based on the monthly ranking, you will get gift cards of the following value: 1st place: 30 Euros 2nd place: 20 Euros 3rd place: 15 Euros From 4th to 10th place: Seven Euros From 11th to 20th place: Five Euros Of course, the prizes are cumulative, so that each user can have a single voucher of a certain value to do the "free shopping" on Amazon.

This is an extraordinary initiative, which will guarantee a lively boost to the diffusion of the Tennis World Foundation and the achievement of its ambitious goals. Incredible but true: you can give a hand to charity projects at no cost, and with the chance to win something.

It may seem like an advertisement, but it is a joyful reality.