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We have already told you about the beautiful initiative that links the beneficial drive of Tennis World Foundation to your TAB: in summary, the 20 users who will open the highest number of new windows on their browsers every month, in addition to contributing to TWF projects, they will be entitled to coupons that can be spent on Amazon.

But this is only a part of the project. In addition to the "individual" competition there will be a team competition, a sort of "Davis Cup" of tennis solidarity. The principle is the same: each user will have the task of opening as many TABs as possible, but in this case they will not count only for themselves, but for the team they choose to be part of.

Each stage will be monthly or bimonthly and will be "themed". The first challenge, of course, will evoke the most important tennis rivalry of recent years, that among Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Three groups will be set up, and the user can choose whether to side with the "Federer Group" or the "Nadal Group" or the "Djokovic Group".

Once you have made your choice, your TABs will add to those of your group. At the end of the event we will reckon. At this moment the situation between the three champions is the following But this will be an ongoing challenge: once the first challenge is over, there will be many others, like a "Battle of Sexes" (men against women), a sort of "Laver Cup" with challenges between different continents, and many other initiatives that aim to entertain the users, reward them for them perseverance with precious Amazon vouchers, but above all they will serve to keep up the enthusiasm for a beneficial, crucial initiative, which will allow hundreds of children to find their way thanks to a racket and a ball.

Maybe among them there is also a future ATP or WTA top-100, but what matters is to guarantee a future for those who - without the Tennis World Foundation - would be destined to live in dangerous areas, with the risk of falling into delinquency. It has never been easier to do good and help those who need it. With Tennis World Foundation, you can.