Tennis World Foundation’s projects are not stopping. In recent days, the partnership with the primary school in Kayamandi, a suburb of Stellenbosch, located about 50 km east of Cape Town, South Africa, has been made official.

The initiative will last a semester and offer two aspects: not only an introduction to the game of tennis, but also a generic sports program. This is basic: tennis can be a lot of fun, but it's very focused on technique. For this, learning can be longer and not always so fun. And so, Tennis World Foundation has chosen to support it with a more generic, immediate program, which will involve the 148 third-grade children who will participate in the project.

It is a real educational program, since Tennis World Foundation will operate directly through the school timetable.

The primary school in Kayamandi occupies a special place in the mission of the Foundation that is the brain-child of Federico Coppini. Reason?

This is the structure that requires major intervening, both structurally and through human efforts.

To be clear, at this moment there are no permanency in the planning and execution of the school lessons, and there is no sign of sports facilities. The lessons take place in prefabricated structures, while outside there is a large open space in soil, the current location for outdoor activities.

Furthermore, children come from a very difficult reality. Most of them come from the Azania squatter camp, which is located a few hundred meters from the school. If there is a school in urgent need of support, well, it is precisely this, in Kayamandi.

Anyone wishing to help with the efforts to improve the school’s infrastructure can find the necessary information on the Tennis World Foundation website, but one can also lend indirect support through the TAB Tennis Foundation, the app that allows you to make a donation for each new window opened on your browser (at no cost for the ‘end user’).

By the way, a fun competition has just been started. TAB Tennis Foundation’s creators are giving away a series of Amazon vouchers for the major... "clickers". Do good while having fun: this has also been made possible, thanks to the Tennis World Foundation.