The intuition of Federico Coppini, founder of the Tennis World Foundation, proved to be even more correct than expected. He thought that TWF could represent a practical and social value, but in the first months of activity he realized an even more important aspect: Tennis World Foundation can represent an important psychological support.

During this period, the many kids involved in the project started to tell and share their stories, their challenges, their problems. In an attempt to provide the most effective support possible, the next inevitable step was to get in touch with the local social services (in this case, some disadvantaged areas of South Africa), but he realized that they are heavily short of resources. project started this year) In recent months, a harsh reality has emerged: children are constantly exposed and violence and stress, and this leads several South Africans to live a very acute condition of stress, both emotional and psychological.

When emotional support is lacking (which should be up to social services), stress is vented in the worst possible way. The boys develop anti-social and high-risk behaviors, putting themselves and everyone else in difficulties.

In such a context, the activities of the Tennis World Foundation had an extraordinary effect, almost replacing the bodies in charge. Racket training showed a marked improvement in children's behaviors. Thanks to tennis, they developed positive feelings such as a sense of belonging, strength, self-confidence and trust in others.

This virtuous circle has led to a change in their way of relating to themselves and others, for the satisfaction of the teachers and their families. These excellent results, born almost by chance, have prompted Tennis World Foundation to create a program called "Tennis Therapy", award-winning, created with great attention together with mental health professionals and development and growth experts.

Considering that Tennis World Foundation(TWF) operates in some of the communities most at risk in South Africa and in the rest of the continent (the program in Tanzania is proceeding in the best way), the social value of the initiative is increasingly evident.

Through the website it is possible to make donations of any type and entity (DONATE NOW), but it is even more important to download Tab Tennis Foundation, a simple extension that inserts the project as the home page of your browser.

It is not at all invasive, it does not modify simple navigation but allows you to make a small donation (at no cost!) Every time a new window opens. To pick up a phrase very dear to Coppini, the invitation is to download it as soon as possible to help make the world a better place. You can do it almost without realizing it: easier and more rewarding than this ...