Tennis World Foundation’s Small TAB Tennis Raises $528; Begins Fulfilment of Promise

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Tennis World Foundation’s Small TAB Tennis Raises $528; Begins Fulfilment of Promise

Tennis World Foundation uses TAB Tennis as its main tool for raising funds. The goal of the foundation is well known: to use tennis as a tool to bring about social change in a few lesser-developed areas of Africa, where children are forced to live in difficult conditions, and where simple everyday life is a gamble. The Tennis World Foundation program offers a range of services: basic coaching as well as team development, and individual support for marginalized and less fortunate children.

Through TAB Tennis Foundation, anyone can contribute to the project: all one needs to do is install the dedicated Chrome extension (but it works also on Firefox, Safari, Opera...) and use it as a home page in their browser. All in a simple, non-invasive and at-no-cost manner. In summary, every time a new TAB is opened, support is provided to the Tennis World Foundation.

This project was started a few months ago, but it is time to present the first report on how much money has been collected and – above all – how this money has been put to use. In the month of December, $528 (US) were raised through the use of the Tab.

This money was used to launch a tennis start-up program at the Webergedenk primary school in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It is a school-village, frequented mainly by the children of agricultural workers in the Stellenbosch region that is mainly into wine-making. Due to their social background, children generally do not have the opportunity to play sports in suitable structures. Neither do they have the support of teachers who are able to direct them.

The Tennis World Foundation program focuses on children who attend third grade. At the Webergedenk school, we have had the privilege of training 70 children. But it is only the beginning: in 2020, the school's first tennis team will be established.

Tennis World Foundation warmly thanks all the fans who, with their generosity, contributed to the birth of this project. Of course the goal is to go on without stopping. By the way, using the TAB Tennis Foundation is always more fun, with the establishment of monthly prizes in the form of Amazon vouchers for those who open more TABs. The invitation is simple: keep browsing using our app, having fun, pocketing some small gifts and - above all - putting your signature for a good cause.

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For our part, we guarantee continuous and transparent updates on our activities and initiatives. We count on you.