Charity is never a loss. If anything, it's a matter of conscience. The important thing is to direct the endeavour towards the right people and rely on serious and correct organizations. This is certainly the case with the Tennis World Foundation (TWF), born of an intuition of Federico Coppini.

A non-profit organization, TWF aims to bring a smile on the faces of children of different African schools through the teaching of the game of tennis, and tearing them away from misery and delinquency. This, in addition to the first results (documented and certified), would be enough to give credit to TWF.

But the system designed for donations takes care of all the lazy excuses: thanks to the TAB Tennis Foundation, doing good costs nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is a system that sends an offer every time you open a new TAB (internet page) on your browser which can be on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari...

The only step is to set TAB Tennis Foundation as the browser's home page and it will "register" all tabs that are newly opened thereafter. All at zero cost, indeed, with the possibility of earning some gift vouchers to spend on Amazon.

To make the possibility of doing good even more fun, a few competitions have been created with the aim of "gathering" the adherents together. In summary, each open page adds up to that of the "teammates’". After the competitions for the supporters of the greatest tennis players, and that for the supporters of the football teams, now there is one of a "territorial" nature: we have divided the world into some areas, kicking off a real competition of solidarity to find out which continent or nation is most sensitive to the "mission".

This race is called "World Charity Competition" and allows you to choose the area of ​​the world from which you donate: Europe, Africa, India, Australia, Mexico, South America, the United States or Russia. Each time a tab is opened, the point is counted both for the individual ranking and for the reference team.

An exciting and in no way expensive or invasive race. Some might think that using TAB Tennis on your browser could represent a nuisance, a nuisance that contributes to a slowing down in navigation: there is none of this.

Simply, the home page of your browser becomes the TAB Tennis Foundation page, however without any inconvenience: for those who like to have the search engine as the home page, on TAB Tennis this is reality since in the opening page you can do all searches using google as a search engine.

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