Rapusia: The eco-friendly search engine


Rapusia: The eco-friendly search engine

Let's talk about Rapusia, a search engine that allows users to finance social and eco-friendly projects. The user finances the various activities simply by carrying out his research, without disbursements. 

What is, and how does a search engine earn?

It may seem trivial but to frame an event (in this case, the search engine), it is useful to start at the beginning. A search engine is a system which, based on the string entered in the search bar, analyses a cluster of data and provides an index of results. These are listed by the "closest" to what was sought at least. Every year a search engine earns $20 to $30 for each user and since almost anyone who carries out hundreds of searches daily, it is possible to draw conclusions.

How was Rapusia born?

Rapusia was born from the efforts of a Foundation (Tennis World Foundation) and the Coppini Trading company (which manages sports information sites: Wrestling, Tennis and Football) through its founders: Federico Coppini, Alessandro Di Pietrantonio and Davide Botticelli, who wanted create an eco-friendlier alternative to commonly-used search engines.

Furthermore, Federico Coppini had the desire to raise funds for the Tennis World Foundation that helps disadvantaged children in the world through tennis.

Financing of projects

Obviously, like all other search engines, Rapusia also uses advertising partners. However, this advertising is not linked to previous searches made by the user but only to the one currently in progress. Half of the revenues obtained from the ads are donated to social and eco-solidarity projects. Each search made accumulates a heart (the symbol chosen by the creators of Rapusia) for the user as a result of the advertising that is proposed. In real time the user will distribute the heart to an organization he selected (one or more....as he prefers).

Why the choice of this symbol?

The heart is the typical symbol of love… altruism... and therefore only it could have been ideal for the purpose of Rapusia. A single heart counts for little in changing society, in wanting to change the situation of certain realities, but if a small gesture of the individual is added to that of other users it can create something bigger.

Using Rapusia is very simple and intuitive.

From the site, you are guided to install the extension which will be automatically added to the navigation bar of your browser. From that moment on every search on Google, or other search engines, will first pass through Rapusia. Each single research will accumulate one symbolic heart to be converted at your choice into money to support a project. More users will use it and more projects can be financed, without costs, one heart at a time.

You search the web. We help the Planet

Rapusia works like any other search engine, but there is one big difference:
we use our profits to help social and environment projects.