Numbers are useful, but they have no heart. They don't tell the stories behind it

by Lorenzo Ciotti

Numbers are useful, but they have no heart. They don't tell the stories behind it. Every day, millions of people anxiously observe the data on the spread of the Pandemic, in the hope of finding a sign of hope. But the numbers do not tell what happens to those affected, even if only indirectly.

They said that South Africa is in 30th position in terms of number of infections, but (like almost every country) it has suffered a lockdown that has put thousands of people in difficulty, including children who had joined the Tennis World Foundation project.

In a nutshell, the township of Kayamandi has closed every school for over two months. In addition to social and educational damage, children have an even more serious one: they found themselves with one less meal. Yes, because the school provided them with the opportunity to eat lunch.

And meals, alas, are by no means assumed. For this reason, the Tennis World Foundation - on the initiative of Federico Coppini - actively intervened, providing firsthand the opening of the schools, even just to guarantee children the opportunity to feed themselves.

An extraordinary gesture, which confirms the human and social goodness of the Tennis World Foundation project. Since its creation, tennis has been the opportunity for guaranteeing social and human dignity for children. Hurricane coronavirus, unfortunately, has put the sporting affair into the background while it has fueled daily needs.

TWF was not unprepared. Photos that come from Kayamandi are special. Children are seen in procession in front of an improvised canteen, from which the volunteers distribute the food from huge pots. Since its creation, Tennis World Foundation has made a clear choice: to work exclusively in schools in poor areas.

Over time, he gained an awareness that triggered the alarm with the advent of quarantine. "We are very worried that many families are unable to feed their children - says Coppini - children are the most fragile members of society and it is unacceptable for us to think that some of those we train may have difficulty eating".

For this reason, like other non-profit organizations, TWF provided assistance even though the schools remained closed. To carry on the project, however, there is an urgent need for funds to cope with the large amount of hungry children who are approaching for help.

And then, each of us can do something. Aside from the systems already known to help the Foundation (and all visible on the website), for some time there has been another tool, effective and free, to help. It's called RAPUSIA, and it's a simple search engine.

The difference is that the income from every research goes to charity, without ending up in the pockets of some multinational company. The hope, therefore, is that more and more tennis fans will use RAPUSIA for their research and decide to put their "heart" on the South Africa - Child Feeding Program.

RAPUSIA works in this way: the search engine is associated with various projects of a beneficial nature, with the user who can choose which one to give his "heart" to and consequently the donations deriving from each individual search.

The goal of Tennis World Foundation is to provide adequate assistance for at least 6 months. And you can contribute from home, without any effort, with a simple web search, even on the most frivolous topics. A nil effort to do something very important: thanks to Tennis World Foundation you can do this too. USE RAPUSIA, AND WE HELP THE PLANET!