Tennis World Foundation- Report Feeding Programme

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Tennis World Foundation- Report Feeding Programme
Tennis World Foundation- Report Feeding Programme (Provided by Tennis World USA)

As we come at the end of 2020 with so much adaptation, restructure and finding new ways to reach out to our schools and the community.

There was change, there were smiling faces and indeed grateful hearts.

Kayamandi Primary

The Tennis World Foundation brought so much light to Kayamandi Primary school as well as the community of Kayamandi. They filed a big gap in the school. Teachers were anxious as to how they can reach out to the community and help them in this difficult time. They feel blessed and are extremely grateful for the funds Tennis World Foundation contributed to the school.

In this difficult time for the majority of the learners of Kayamandi Primary, parents lose their job during COVID 19. Children were hungry and their only meal was the food they received at school. The funds allowed the school to buy more food for the learners. The excited body languages and smiling faces they gave when the aunt comes to the classes to give them food, are so heart touching. Every little helped, the tennis world foundation did indeed help Kayamandi Primary.

There were indeed lots of challenges that Kayamandi Primary faced. Lack of communication with parents. Parents will send their children the wrong day to school. Learners that will come to school without their mask and not being cautious about the virus. This was a big concern for the teachers. This was indeed an obstacle for them but they loved a challenge and loved teaching. However, they did not sit back. They worked together as a team and try their utmost best to make the situation a slightly easier for the learners and parents.

For example, the teachers created a WhatsApp group to communicate with the parents. They got a sponsor for the Covid19 awareness boards in front of the school. So, they went out in the community and asked for help to help the learners. The staff of Kayamandi Primary are thankful for all the funds. The Tennis World Foundation brings change and more smiling faces!

Ikaya Primary

This past few months was a big challenge for everyone, especially the teachers and the learners. They were forced to adapt to the new normal and in times like these everyone seeks for a light and there was light indeed. The Tennis World Foundation brought hope and a helping hand for the school.

As the learners came to school the staff of Ikaya Primary was quite worried how they will manage the learners because of the number of learners they have in school. Majority of the schools in Stellenbosch work in 2 groups, whilst Ikaya Primary work in 3 groups. The funds of Tennis World foundation couldn’t come at the right time for Ikaya Primary. They brought food to the learners and ingredients to make the food nice for the learners. 

Two of the learners at Ikaya Primary house burn down. With the funds of Tennis World foundation they were able to help these learners with new school clothes. 

The school is extremely grateful for everything the Tennis World Foundation did for them.

Together as a team can we touch so many hearts. Ikaya Primary thermometer no longer worked.

The school really struggled with funds because they couldn’t do any events to get many in. To help the school with the school things if they need anything. With the funds of Tennis World Foundation, they were able to buy new thermometer infrared.

The Tennis World Foundation came to lighten the situation for Ikaya Primary