Why should I become an organizer for TWT?

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Why should I become an organizer for TWT?

Why should I become an organizer for TWT?
The best answer is simply this: you can increase your monthly income! There are also many other reasons, like meeting interesting new people and spending hours competing against like-minded enthusiasts in your favorite sport.
Tournament organizers
A tournament can be organized by tennis clubs or simply by players who have a passion for the sport and a desire to earn some money.
Who collects the money?
People who organize tournaments should receive rewards for their efforts.

On the TWT circuit, organizers receive the full registration amount less:
• 30%, which goes into the tournament prize pool (but you can decide how much you'd like to put in the prize pool: from 0% to 30%: it's up to you)
• 5%, which goes into the prize pool for the masters
So, to take an example, a tournament with 32 people who pay R200 registration you will yield:
• Receipts from fees: 32 * 200 = R6400
From this, the following is taken off:
• Prize pool for the tournament (30% of proceedings): R1920
• Prize contribution for masters (5% of proceedings): R320
Total remaining to organizer: R4160
If an organizer creates 3 tournaments per month, his earnings will be no less than R12 000 per month!
How do you become an organizer?
It’s very simple, on TWT’s home page there is a "Join as organizer" option.

Enter your details and you will soon be recognized as an organizer!
Who can be an organizer?
Tennis clubs can be organizers in order to increase their revenue and member numbers. Players and tennis enthusiasts who want to create tournaments and make some extra money can also be organizers.

What types of tournaments can be organized?
TWT management organizes Slams (only 4 in a season) and Challengers (only 8 in a season).

Organizers can create Futures tournaments.
If at the end of the season organizers have shown excellent organizational skills and their tournaments have been successful, they can request to have their tournament added to the major event calendar.

But why would you want to organize a tournament of a higher level?
Very simple: because these tournaments are of a higher standard and earn more points. This in turn will ensure many more players will want to participate, meaning you generate more revenue!