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Player ability is one of the most important elements of Tennis World Tour. It was developed in order to give an indication of the real skills of a tennis player in relation to other players.

This index is calculated by combining data relating to a player’s personal skill levels (as provided by the players themselves and other players) with the results of the matches that they play.

Precisely defining and classifying the abilities of a tennis player is not easy.

That’s why we have put our algorithm through vigorous tests and simulations, and have tweaked it continuously since its inception. By doing this, we believe we have a system that is as accurate as is possible.

We are able not only to assign a value to a player’s ability as a tennis player, but also provide a percentage which expresses how confident we are in that assessment.

As you would imagine, the more matches a player competes in, the more accurate the calculated skill level will become.

In this way, if we encounter a player who has a skill value of 90 with only 10% accuracy, we know that this estimate is still too rough, and that we need more data to determine an accurate level.

Conversely, if the rate of accuracy is high (70-80%) we can be sure that a player with a skill level of 90 will be a tough nut to crack.