Tennis World Tour with UTR

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Tennis World Tour with UTR

Tennis World Tour announced sometime ago that TWT had partnered with Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR) by exporting all TWT tournament results into the UTR platform, thereby generating a rating for all tournament players. The rating includes junior and Open tournament players, all players who have competed in a TWT ranking event.

TWT and UTR have made a lot of progress on this and I am happy to update you as follows: ** All TWT tournament players have a UTR rating. One match is all it takes to get a “projected” rating. After approximately five matches, your rating becomes reliable;
** What is a ranking and rating is the question that if commonly asked.

A ranking is an immediate reward for a performance at a tournament. Player reaches a certain round or position and earns “X” number of points for their performance. A rating is a measure of player performances against opponents over a period of time, resulting in a rating being allocated which is a reflection of a players playing ability;
UTR is not only a new edition to TWT benefits, but is also what is being used by US Colleges for players wanting to study and play tennis within the US Collegiate system by all TWT events being loaded into UTR is providing an additional opportunity to SA players looking to pursue this option.
** When a player logs into their TWT profile they will see their ranking/s and TWT rate (as before) and now have a UTR link to activate your rating (if not already activated);
** Please note the rating within the player profile does not display the decimal points (at present);
** The full UTR rating with decimal points will be available in the UTR profile when you go onto the UTR site;
** Learn how UTR works;
** All players TWT numbers have been recorded within the UTR player profile and database to ensure that there are no duplicates.

Some players have already activated and created their UTR profiles. Players who have not yet activated a UTR profile and would like to do so can click on the following link activate your UTR player profile. Regardless of activated or to still be activate, go to your profile and ensure all information is correct Please be sure to activate your UTR player profile. Additional links below for more information: - Here is a useful article that helps explain how the UTR algorithm works; - The following link to help Understanding the UTR Algorithm; Kind Regards TWT