Wimbledon banned Russian players: Nikola Pilic is against the decision

Nikola Pilic harshly criticized during an interview with the Kurir newspaper

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Wimbledon banned Russian players: Nikola Pilic is against the decision

ITF has decided to follow the mandate of the International Olympic Committee to the letter and has unthinkingly excluded Russia and Belarus from the Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup. The new big question now concerns the Queen's ATP 500 tournament and Wimbledon, third Grand Slam of the Year: England have in fact used their hard fist against the Russian exponents and the Minister of Sport would like to send another message in view of the Championships.

As anticipated by the Express, talks began about a month ago between the Minister of Sports Nigel Huddleston and the members of the All England Club to exclude Russian players from the prestigious British tournament. Still following the rumors launched by the London newspaper, the measure should only target those who will not publicly distance themselves from the Russian invasion.

Pilic against the British government: his words on the Russian question

Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston specified: "We have sent a request to the governing bodies of every single sport. If Russian and Belarusian athletes wish to participate in a sporting event in the UK, they will need to prove their independence and neutrality.

They will need a written statement to show that they are not receiving money from President Vladimir Putin, Russia or Belarus, and they will also have to state that they will not comment in favor of Putin and their respective countries.

We want to make sure they are neutral and that they are not related in any way. Therefore, under penalty of exclusion, we want them to issue a written declaration in which they admit that they do not support the Russian president.

If the world of sport decides not to definitively allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete, we will be ready to support it." Nikola Pilic harshly criticized this choice in an interview with the Kurir newspaper: "It is a pity.

I don't think anything like this was done when the Americans invaded Iraq and killed large numbers of civilians. Did they ban their tennis players from playing? I consider it a real exaggeration, in every sense. There is a kind of Russophobia in Great Britain. It has always been like this."

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