Wimbledon 2022: Djokovic and no-vax players will offically play

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Wimbledon 2022: Djokovic and no-vax players will offically play

No Russian and Belarusian tennis players, green light for non-vaccinated and no-vax players to participate at Wimbledon 2022. This is the official decision taken by the organizers of the Championships, the third Grand Slam tournament.

The London competition has decided to make clear choices and with few doubts in this regard, excluding athletes from two nations (which caused the start of the war with Ukraine) and not requiring vaccination as specified in the current regulations of the country.

The stance makes the current world number one Novak Djokovic happy, who will be able to take part in the event on grass and try to defend the title won in the 2021 edition in the final against the blue Matteo Berrettini.

Now there are no longer any uncertainties for the Serbian champion, who can easily register for the event, as well as all the other tennis players who have chosen not to undergo the anti-Covid administration.

The clarification on the sanction

The director of the All England Club Ian Hewitt intervened to explain the reasons for the sanction to Russians and Belarusians: "The British government has established very clear guidelines for sporting events in the UK, with the aim of limiting Russian influence.

We have adopted these guidelines as a high profile tournament and as a leading institution. Such do not allow players to qualify for Wimbledon based solely on their ranking. We have discussed in great depth the options available within this very clear position on the part of the Government.

There are two ways: denying entry to players or allowing entry only if preceded by a written declaration from the players. We considered a myriad of factors, including the health of the players and the crowd, the humanitarian efforts to aid in this conflict, and the actions of other sports to alleviate the Russian flu.

We have come to two very clear conclusions that are the skeleton of our decision. First, even if we were to accept Russian and Belarusian players with a signed declaration, we would risk a successful participation in Wimbledon being used for the benefit of the Russian regime's propaganda machine, which we cannot accept.

Secondly, our duty is to ensure that none of the actions we take can put the health of the players or their families at risk."