's-Hertogenbosch board against Wimbledon


's-Hertogenbosch board against Wimbledon

The exclusion of Russian and Belarusian tennis players from the next edition of the Wimbledon tournament continues to be discussed. The organizers of the London Slam explained their reasons by issuing a long statement and organizing a press conference.

Press conference in which Ian Hewitt obviously also took part. Chairman of the All England Club said: "After long and careful consideration, we have come to two conclusions on which our decisions are based. Even if we accept the participation of Russians and Belarusians with written declarations, we risk that their winning participation will be used as propaganda by the Russian regime.

Which we could not accept. We also need to ensure that our every action does not put the players or their families at risk. Following the directives of the Government, there is no valid alternative to the decision taken in this tragic and particular circumstance."

The press release from the organizers of the Dutch tournament

The organizers of the ATP 250 tournament in 's-Hertogenbosch have issued a harsh statement and criticized Wimbledon's choice: "Considering the situation in Ukraine, we understand that there are many questions about the participation of Daniil Medvedev and other Russian tennis players in the Libéma Open.

It is clear that the Libéma Open strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and expresses its support for the innocent people affected by the war. As for the list of participants, we will follow the indications of the NOC * NSF, supported by the Dutch government, to allow individual athletes to participate in sporting events in our country as long as they do not represent Russia or Belarus.

The international s-Hertogenbosch tournament is part of the ATP / WTA circuit and follows and supports the position of both federations regarding discrimination based on nationality. This means that players from Russia and Belarus will be able to participate in our tournaments under a neutral flag.

Players have every right to sign up. Their participation is low on the ATP rankings and on the WTA rankings. It is not acceptable that individual tournaments reject players on the basis of their nationality." Now we will be if there will be new updates on the issue.