Naomi Broady Recounts Struggle on ITF Circuit; Targets Top 50 Ranking


Naomi Broady Recounts Struggle on ITF Circuit; Targets Top 50 Ranking

Tennis - British tennis player Naomi Broady has recounted some of her struggles on the tennis circuit in an interview to The Independent. The 26-year-old has recently broken into the Top 100 in the world rankings for the first time and is currently ranked 80th in the world, having started the year at No.

118. Broady's results this year include a quarter-final in Auckland earlier this year and a semi-final appearance in Kuala Lampur and her efforts have ensured her a direct entry into the French Open and Wimbledon this summer.

But far away from the glamour and glitz of the Grand Slams, Broady says life is tough on the lower levels of the tennis circuit. In the interview, she recounted how she took an eight hour taxi ride across Uzbekistan two years ago. “After the tournament I was playing the next week in Japan and had to take an eight-hour taxi ride across Uzbekistan by myself.

In circumstances like that the tournament organises the taxi for you, but you don’t know anything about your driver. My Dad said: ‘Text me every half an hour so that I know you’re fine.’ However my cellphone signal cut out for about four hours while we were going through the mountains.

Thankfully the driver was a good person and he got me there safely. But you’re up a mountain in the middle of nowhere, completely by yourself, and anything can happen to you. I’m a 6ft 2in blonde so it’s not like I blend in with anywhere I go.” Talking about her experience in hotel rooms, the big-serving Broady said, "Just give me a clean room and I’m fine, but there are a lot of times where you won’t even take off your flip-flops, the water’s brown and you barely eat.

But you learn from that. If I know I’m travelling to a country where I’m possibly not going to be able to eat, I pack a lot of food with me. I take super noodles and Ainsley Harriott couscous, along with a little Tupperware box to take it with you to the courts.

You just need to be able to boil some water. We’ve got a little travel kettle that we take with us because sometimes you can’t even get one of them at the courts.” Broady says she is now determined to break into the Top 50, "I want to keep going up, I’m not at all intimidated by the next benchmark.” Also Read: Ten bad guys in the world of tennis

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