Laura Robson is Excited to Be Back at Wimbledon

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Laura Robson is Excited to Be Back at Wimbledon

Tennis - British woman Laura Robson says that she is looking forward to competing at Wimbledon but adds that she will go back to playing ITF events after the Championships in order to grind her way back into the Top 100 in the sport.

In an interview published on The Daily Mail, the 23-year-old Robson says, "I mostly just feel excited every year at Wimbledon and do what I can to play well. I don't think back to the past, because the game has changed every year and I'm trying to change along with it.' Talking about her experience playing on the ITF circuit in the last couple of years, Robson says it has been a learning experience.

"This has kind of been a whole new experience, playing back to back to back at this level. I think I'm getting more ready to grind it out and get through the tough weeks. Everyone is out for themselves, it doesn't matter who you are.

It's not really about it being less glamorous, but once you are in the top 100 it's quite easy to stay in there. Because of the points that are on offer it does seem if you win a couple of matches here and there and you can stick around.

Whereas at this level you've really got to grind it out to make a ranking improvement. One round of a Slam is worth winning two 25s (the dollar prize money of a tournament) outright. I've played a lot of matches this year because I dropped down to the 25s and the 60s, compared to last year it's probably double what I played.

When you get back up to the higher level it's a big difference and it has taken me a bit of time to get used to it again. I think I've been playing better and getting used to the pace that's coming at me, that doesn't happen overnight.

After Wimbledon I will drop down to play in lower tier events again.' The former junior Wimbledon champion meets Beatriz Haddad Maia in the first round and a win there could put her up against second seeded Simona Halep in the second round.

With the rise of Johanna Konta into the world's top 10, the pressure will not focussed on Robson in London this year which means that she may be able to play with relative ease as she tries to work her way back into the Top 100.

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