Jo Durie Is Happy for Andy Murray to Be Back But Warns Him to Be Careful

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Jo Durie Is Happy for Andy Murray to Be Back But Warns Him to Be Careful

Tennis - Former British No. 1 Jo Durie says she is happy to have Andy Murray back playing doubles but hopes that the British superstar would remain sensible while playing doubles so as to not cause any long-term harm to his physical health.

In an interview to The Scotsman, Durie says, "It’s fantastic that Andy is playing doubles and I wish more of the top men would. If he does well in the men’s at Wimbledon then I’d imagine he’ll draw big crowds to his matches as the fans will be so pleased to have him back – and I’d love to see him play mixed as well.

His search for a partner has been very funny. I loved that tweet from his gran from her back garden in Dunblane offering her services. It was great to see him winning and smiling again at Queen’s and I can imagine the relief of suddenly being pain-free because I’ve had both hips and both knees replaced.

Remember those shots of him using his racket as a crutch and barely able to walk? That was awful to watch. Tennis players put such enormous pressure on their joints. When I was having my first hip replacement the surgeon noticed how Andy was moving and predicted the same problems for him.

I know the pain of not being able to bend over, not being able to tie your own shoelaces, so Andy will be happy and hopeful about what he can do with this metal hip of his. But Durie warned Murray not to overdo it as she did during her playing days, “But he must be sensible about it.

Tennis at the elite level is like a drug which you struggle to let go. You want to perform and compete because that buzz doesn’t exist anywhere else. The surgeon who carried out the last keyhole operation on my knees only did it if I agreed to retire after one more Wimbledon.

I went out and played that tournament like it was my first with the same excitement and thrill. I played for four years more than I should have done, so I hope Andy thinks long and hard, and the people around him do the same, about where he goes from here.

He’s talked about getting back to singles, which for a great athlete and great fighter like him, isn’t surprising. But he’s just had part of his body replaced. The load he’d place on it in singles would be enormous.

I’d hate to see him cause lasting harm to himself”. Murray has confirmed that he would be playing the men's doubles event at Wimbledon and is unsure about playing in the mixed doubles as of now. He did indicate earlier in the week that he may consider playing singles later in the year if his hip remains fine and does not give him any pain.