Joe Salisbury: Always enjoyed being part of a team; Excited to be playing ATP Cup'

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Joe Salisbury:  Always enjoyed being part of a team; Excited to be playing ATP Cup'

British tennis star Joe Salisbury, who will represent the country at the first edition of the ATP Cup, says, if he had a choice to pick up any stroke of a former tennis player, he would choose the returns of compatriot Andy Murray.

In an interview to the ATP website, Salisbury says. "It would have to be Andy’s returns. He is one of the best returners in the world. So if I could add that to my game, that would obviously be a big boost." The 27-year-old Salisbury adds that he grew up watching a lot of Tim Henman and Andy Murray in his younger days.

"I remember watching Tim Henman play at Wimbledon. It’s probably not a great memory for Tim but I remember him playing Ivanisevic when he was up two sets to one and they had the rain delay. Everyone was behind him, hoping he was going to get to the final.

And obviously Andy Murray. It seems like I have been watching him for a long time. Andy likes to joke around a lot. He’s got a dry sense of humor. ‘Evo’ [Dan Evans} as well. He likes to have a laugh and a bit of banter.

He’s definitely a bit of a louder character." Salisbury, who reached the doubles final at the ATP event in Brisbane earlier this year, will be hoping to replicate that form for the ATP Cup, which is the new ATP team event that is being played for the first time in 2020 and will be held across three Australian cities.

"I loved all sports when I was younger and played a lot of them at school. I played football, cricket, rugby, squash, swimming. I always enjoyed being part of a team and that’s why I’m excited to be playing ATP Cup.

The World No. 22 also adds that he had a great time in Australia on his first visit. "Definitely the weather. I enjoy being in the sun. 2019 was my first visit. I went to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and they are all great places. I like to surf and did that a couple of times there. I love being by the sea and the beach."