Judy Murray: It makes a Big Difference when Andy Murray Speaks out on Behalf of Women

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Judy Murray: It makes a Big Difference when Andy Murray Speaks out on Behalf of Women

Former British Fed Cup captain Judy Murray says she is very proud of her son Andy Murray as he often speaks up for women's rights, in an interview to The Stuff. Andy was one of the few male players to hire a female coach when he worked with France's Amelie Mauresmo in 2014-2016 and has often spoke highly of players on the WTA Tour as well, unlike some of his other counterparts on the men's ATP Tour.

After losing in the Wimbledon quarterfinals in 2017 to American Sam Querrey, Andy was asked by a journalist what he thought about Querrey being the first American player to reach a major semifinal since 2009 to which he quickly responded "Male player," reminding everyone in the press room that Serena Williams had won multiple Grand Slams during that period.

Murray is in Auckland this week to speak at a Tennis NZ coaches conference, and she has also taken time out during that period to promote tennis at the grassroots level - helping promote the sport among children from the weaker sections of societ, making tennis fun and accessible for all players, especially girls and encouraging them to stay in sport as well as encouraging more women to become coaches.

In the interview, Judy says, "But yeah, I'm very proud of him. It makes a big difference when he speaks out on behalf of the women - I wish more of the men would do that. It is sad that it makes more of an impact when a man speaks out about women's issues, but that's the way it is.

We're all products of our environment and our experiences, and he grew up through tennis with a mum who was the coach at the local tennis club, albeit I was a volunteer, but I ran all tennis activities for the kids, then I became the coach of the district, then I became the national coach, so he was used to having women in a key role in tennis."