Junior Arthur Fery on his idols: I'd love to say Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal but...

Tennis - Britain's Fery is planning to go to Stanford University later this year

by Prakash
Junior Arthur Fery on his idols: I'd love to say Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal but...

British junior Arthur Fery says he is pleased with his run at the Australian Open junior event where he reached the third round of the singles event and partnered with fellow Brit Felix Gill to make the semi-finals of the doubles event.

According to Harwich and Manning Tree Standard, Fery says, “Hopefully in the next ones I can go a bit further in the singles. I’m definitely heading in the right direction, I’m seeing the improvements that I wanted to make.

So hopefully I see the results coming soon. I want to get my junior ranking as high as possible, I want to be top 10. And try to get a higher ranking in the pros as well”. Fery comes from a sporting background - his mom Olivia is a former professional tennis player who had a highest ranking of 225 in 1991 while father Loic is a businessman who is also the owner and president of FC Lorient.

“I don’t really follow football as much but obviously I support them, I watch the matches sometimes. I used to go over at weekends but now with my tennis stuff I don’t have as much time. I more just follow the results and try to watch on TV”.

While most teenagers these days say they are fans of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, Fery says he prefers the entertaining styles of Nick Kyrgios and Gael Monfils. "I would love to say Federer and Nadal, but I like Kyrgios, I like (Gael) Monfils, those guys.

I think they bring a fresh wave to tennis with what they do, otherwise I find the sport is starting to get a bit more boring. I think these guys are good for tennis because it makes the sport more interesting, brings the fans to come and watch.

When Kyrgios is playing, everyone watches”. Fery will head to the United States later this year to go to college at Stanford University. “It will be a new experience, a completely new chapter in my life. Going back to school, having classes and stuff, but I’m looking forward to it.

It was a joint decision with my parents just to give me a back-up plan in case tennis doesn’t work. I think I’ve chosen the right school to try to pursue my tennis goals as well. So the plan is to go pro after two, three, four years”.

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