Marcus Willis, Who Played Federer at Wimbledon, Coming Back as Doubles Specialist

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Marcus Willis, Who Played Federer at Wimbledon, Coming Back as Doubles Specialist

Britain's Marcus Willis, best known for taking on Swiss legend Roger Federer at Wimbledon four years ago, says he wants to get back to tennis and focus on doubles this time. In an interview to The Daily Mail, Willis says, "I'm never going to be skinny.

To be honest I'm not really built for tennis, this isn't the sport I should be playing but I've always loved it. I've loved playing singles and prefer that, but I'm 29 and people have been telling me for ages that I should play doubles.'

Speaking about his experience at Wimbledon, Willis says, "That whole time at Wimbledon was great, but mentally I struggled afterwards and had some elbow and knee problems. I was constantly thinking nothing was going to be as good as that again, and I wondered what the point was, I got very negative.

But I don't want to look back and think I didn't give it a proper go. There's nothing wrong with being a tennis coach but it doesn't give the same satisfaction. I feel I've got more of a purpose now. I played a Challenger in Knoxville, Tennessee, and I'd won five matches in a row while weighing 116 kilos.

I was fit but fat if that makes sense. I beat Tennys Sandgren and at the end of the match I asked a friend for a Coke and he brought a Snickers as well. The cameras zoomed in on me, so I opened them and a lot of people saw it.

Somebody called me Cartman as an insult, but I thought it was funny and went with it. At my stag do my best man got me a Cartman outfit and I had to walk round Dublin in it.' Willis says his aim is to break into the World's Top 400 and then the Top 200 in the doubles rankings and will be playing a series of events in Turkey at Anatalya.

"I haven't put a time limit on it but my first aim is top 400 and then 200. I am sure I can do it in doubles, like with that result at Wimbledon. I'll admit I have found it harder than most to go to bed at the right time, eat and drink the right things, that doesn't come easy to me, but I'm still learning.'