Kyle Edmund: Nobody’s going to have more expectations of you doing well than yourself

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Kyle Edmund: Nobody’s going to have more expectations of you doing well than yourself

Britain's Kyle Edmund, who won the ATP New York Open in February, says he is learning to deal with his own expectations rather than the expectations of others, in an interview to the ATP Tour website. The 25 year old Brit says he believes he can break into the Top 10 of the world rankings after his good run of form in recent weeks.

“People have expectations of you like I have expectations of the football team I support [Liverpool] because it’s like an opinion you create. I want them to do well or they should come into a certain position. People always form an opinion or a view of you.

But generally for me, my expectation will always be more serious and probably outweigh someone else’s because it’s me. I, at the end of the day, care about my career probably more than them, so it’s one of them where you sort of get used to it a little bit, you learn as you get older what it’s about and that’s it.

Nobody’s going to have more expectations of you doing well and wanting to succeed than yourself”. After a disappointing run in 2019, Edmund says he is learning to rely on himself rather than cater to people expectations of him.

“I know that when you lose or have a bad run or something, it comes across as if people can make it out as a bigger deal than it is. One thing I’ve learned is if you have a really good result, you can be in the clouds for a day or something.

But after a week, no one really cares about it, everyone moves on,” Edmund said. “It’s talked about for a couple of days, you’re picked up, you’re all over the news. But after a week or two, life’s moved on.

No one really cares about that. That’s the same with negative results and it’s the end of the world for a day and people are like, ‘What’s going on with him?’ But after a week no one really cares.

Everything just moved on. I’ve learned that it’s important not to get too into a head when things are going well. It’s important that you don’t think low of yourself when things are going badly. Just getting on with it, really.

Trying to get the best results I can. I’m at a stage now where if I get a good result I could gather some momentum. The past year or so I just haven’t had a big-ish result compared to 2018. That’s where I’m at, just trying to do my best.

You can’t really wait. You have to go and do it and earn it. It’s not really one result in like a fluke. It doesn’t just happen. [It is about doing] all the little stuff that goes on with that, like getting better physically on the court, whatever it is, looking after yourself, and just doing everything you can to maximise that possibility.

For sure when you get on a bit of a run you get some more confidence and wins come a bit easier. It’s just trying to do my best to get there”. The Brit says he is continuing to work on his forehand, which he says is his best shot.

“You need to continue to try to make it better. Other than that, you sometimes tinker a little bit tactically on different surfaces or against different opponents. In general sometimes you can use a certain shot a bit more because as you’ve grown up you’ve seen that it’s more effective and stuff,” Edmund said.

“It’s just the constant learning from it. At the same time you don’t want to tinker with something too much if it’s good. You can sometimes disrupt it a little bit. But you shouldn’t get comfortable with it, with just being happy where it is. You should always try to look to improve it”.