Jamie Murray on the Challenges Facing the Wimbledon Organizers

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Jamie Murray on the Challenges Facing the Wimbledon Organizers

Former British World No. 1 doubles player Jamie Murray says the All England Club faces a considerable challenge when it comes to hosting or rescheduling the Wimbledon Championships amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Club has stated that they will have an emergency Board Meeting next week to decide if the tournament will go ahead as planned.

Wimbledon is scheduled to begin on 29th June and end on 12th July. With the Olympic Games also being moved to next year, it seems more likely that Wimbledon may also not go ahead as scheduled. Speaking to BBC Scotland's The Nine, 34 year old Murray says, "I don't know how long they could push it back.

They're desperate to have their event on, it's still over three months away and a lot can change in that time. For them, optics don't necessarily look great, I guess, if there's sporting events all over the world getting cancelled and their trying to crack on with things.

There's a lot of other stakeholders, a lot of other tournaments to consider. Even things like daylight for the tournament. Once the tournament gets put back, there's less and less daylight. When you play at Wimbledon normally, you can play until 10 at night."

34 year old Murray says he is still getting used to the idea of staying at home for an extended period of time. "I've been travelling the world for the last 15, 16 years maybe longer. It's a big mindset switch.

To be told that you might be home for four, five months - I'm not complaining too much. I just hope that everyone's taking the utmost precautions they can. No-one really knows when we're going to get back out on court and able to compete, whether that's behind closed doors, which I don't think anyone really wants."