Katie Swan: Andy Murray is really nice, whenever I need anything he’s there

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Katie Swan: Andy Murray is really nice, whenever I need anything he’s there

21 year old British tennis player Katie Swan says former World No. 1 Andy Murray, whose agency 77 Sports Management manages her, is always ready to help her when she needs advice on anything. In an exclusive interview to GiveMeSports, Swan says, “He [Murray] has been really nice, pretty much whenever I need anything, or I just want advice he’s there.

It can be tournament schedule, or if I’m stressed about something, he’s really nice to be able to speak to and he’s really easy going so I feel really comfortable to be able to speak to him”. Swan says it is a shame that Wimbledon, which is her favourite tournament, has been cancelled due to the current coronavirus pandemic but adds that everyone must follow the government guidelines.

“It’s such a shame, but the most important thing right now is everyone’s health and safety, no one could have expected that this situation could have happened. My favourite tournament of the year is Wimbledon, but the most important thing right now is following the government guidelines, staying safe and looking after those who need it the most”.

The former Australian Open junior finalist has been using the tennis shutdown to help her mother Nicki's efforts with the Big Brothers Big Sisters charity in their hometown of Wichita, Kansas, which helps distribute food packages to disadvantaged families.

“She (Nicki) has collected donations whether that is in the form of groceries or actual money to go towards the groceries and they’re helping her create the packages to go out. We have a lot of families who are making homemade meals to go with the groceries and my mum actually recently partnered with ICT Food Rescue which is basically where food that doesn’t get used during takeouts is donated to my mum’s organisation.

It’s really nice and the families are getting groceries and actual meals. We’ve helped 135 different families which is amazing”.