Katie Boulter on Black Lives Matter: this whole situation is pretty tragic

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Katie Boulter on Black Lives Matter: this whole situation is pretty tragic

British tennis player Katie Boulter says she has been following the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality in the United States and hopes that people can get together to spread awareness about the issue, during a Zoom call with the media.

The 23 year old Katie Boulter says it is unacceptable they way that black people are being treated in this era. “I think the whole situation is pretty tragic and personally I would say it is very unacceptable to see the way that these people have been treated in this era.

I would have hoped that we could have moved on from this but it is clearly a worldwide problem and I really hope that everyone can get together and use their platforms to find a way to spread awareness”.

Katie Boulter on the Black Lives Matter protests

On the current shutdown, Boulter says, “Personally I was pretty sad because I felt like I had finally got my game to a really good place and I was ready to compete.

I’m a competitor so I’m looking forward to just competing and any opportunity I get to do that, that will be my sole focus. Clearly if I think there’ll be any health issues with that, then I’ll be very cautious with it but I have complete faith in what they do and they will make the right decisions with this call”.

She says will be volunteering with Age UK during the shutdown as well. "What they do is they pair you with up to three people. You can either go and see them, talk to them over the phone, go and do their shopping for them and basically just try and help them make their lives a little bit easier.

Hopefully they won’t be so lonely. It keeps them busy”. 23 year old Katie Boulter won five singles and four doubles titles on the ITF Women's Circuit. In February 2019, she reached her best singles ranking of world No.

82. She is a former top 10 junior player. She is currently ranked No. 374 in the world rankings. Several tennis players have taken up a strong stand against the issue of racism and Black Lives Matter protests over the past week, including Coco Gauff, Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams and Frances Tiafoe among others.