Judy Murray: The ATP Tour should start again at the beginning of next year

Tennis - Judy Murray says it will be difficult to get all players to travel due to the restrictions of different countries

by Prakash
Judy Murray: The ATP Tour should start again at the beginning of next year

Judy Murray, the former British Fed Cup captain and mother of Andy Murray & Jamie Murray, says the ATP Tour should resume in January 2021 since it will be difficult to get players from all countries to gather for tournaments with each country having different restrictions.

Judy Murray on the return of the ATP Tour

According to BBC Scotland, Judy Murray says, "We should just park it and start again at the beginning of next year, almost like a clean sheet. That would be fairer to everybody. It feels to me that until there's a vaccine, I don't think you're going to get a full complement of players anywhere.

It's so tough because everybody sees things in a completely different way. I believe there were 400 players on a Zoom call discussing with the ATP, the men all discussing what they felt about going back and of course you'll get some who desperately want it and there's others who are more cautious and I wouldn't like to be the tournament director.

Some players have been able to get back competing and playing behind closed doors much earlier than everybody else so perhaps they're at an advantage. Depending on what country you're in, everyone has different travel restrictions, different quarantining restrictions.

It will take a long time for it to get back to how we knew it, and maybe it will never be the same again. Probably not." Judy Murray also spoke about the upcoming Battle of the Brits event that is being organized by her son Jamie Murray in London later this month.

"Jamie's been incredibly busy over the last few months putting together this event to create competition, or match play, for the top players. Obviously when the tour goes back, whenever that may be, you can't just go in blind, you need to have had that whole competitive opportunity beforehand.

So he's taken into account all of the restrictions from no spectators to creating live streaming options." The professional tennis circuit has been suspended since March and all tournaments till the end of July have been cancelled.

An announcement on the resumption of the circuit is expected on Monday 15th June with the earliest possible restart being in early August. Several players have expressed their concerns about traveling to the United States with the current restrictions being proposed.

Judy Murray