Holger Rune reveals how to beat Novak Djokovic

The young Dane explained the mentality with which to face the legendary Serbian champion

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Holger Rune reveals how to beat Novak Djokovic
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During the last episode of the Adavantage Connors podcast, Holger Rune talked about the matches he played against Djokovic and the mentality that he tries to exploit in certain contexts. "When I take the court, I firmly believe in my abilities and what I can do.

I always respect my opponent, but I will never feel fear. When you tell me: You know, you have to play against a guy who has won 24 Grand Slam tournaments. I know the difficulties, but if I thought I couldn't win I would have already lost the game from the start.

So I can't allow myself to have these thoughts in my mind because on paper it seems impossible to beat him, but in real life anything is possible. So I have to stay there, take the opportunity. I know he's the best, but even the best can be defeated.

That's what I tell myself," explained the Dane.

Djokovic leads the head-to-head against the Dane

Rune has always managed to put Djokovic in difficulty in the matches they have played. Since the first match played at the US Open in 2021, when he faced his absolute debut in a Slam, the Dane has shown that he knows how to create more than one problem for the Serbian champion.

On that occasion, despite the defeat, Rune won the second set, winning an intense tie-break. The 20-year-old then collected two consecutive successes against Nole: the first in the final of the ATP Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy in 2022, the second at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia this year.

The last two matches, however, allowed Djokovic to take the lead in head-to-head matches. The Serbian took his personal revenge and overcame Rune in two long and balanced matches in the final part of 2023, prevailing in Paris-Bercy and at the Nitto ATP Finals.

Rune and Djokovic will come back on the court for the upcoming 2024 tennis season, which will star from the Australia Swing and will reach its climax with the Australian Open.

Holger Rune Novak Djokovic