USTA: "In the bubble, players have everything they need"

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USTA: "In the bubble, players have everything they need"

Starting from Saturday 15 August 2020, players have started arriving in the New York bubble, in Flushing Meadows where they will play first the Western and Southern Open, a combined ATP / WTA tournament usually played in Cincinnati, and then the US Open, both at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

Tournament Director Stacey Allaster, also executive director of the USTA for professional tennis, explained some details about the security protocols and structure of the New York bubble: "About 90% of the athletes have already entered the bubble.

Those who will participate. to the wheelchair competition, which starts later, they will arrive later, and it is about twenty players. We have another twenty players arriving today and then there is a small number of doubles who have failed to get into.

draw in Cincinnati but they will play the US Open who will join us in a few days. Most of them are already within our controlled environment anyway." Of the 350 players and their teams, there will be only three chaperones per athlete, who will spend the tournament at the official Grand Slam hotel, the Marriott Long Island, or at Garden City.

Only some tennis players will go to a private apartment. If any of the players wanted a cook or nanny present in the private house while they are there too, these people will have to be part of the first level, will have to stay in the bubble all the time and leave the house then go to the National Tennis Center in case.

that there are cleaning staff coming in to fix the accommodation during the player's absence.

Health protocols and the levels of the bubble

Allastar then said: "Anyone staying in the private homes will be considered Tier 1, tested as such and will not be able to enter and exit the bubble In the event that all guests in the house have left the building and gone to the National Tennis Center, it will be possible to have service personnel to do the cleaning or provide domestic help who will never come into contact with the level one people, will have to wear the mask all the time but will not be tested."

Regarding health protocols, Dr. Bernard Camins said: "The cornerstone of this program is the tiered system designed to divide groups of individuals in such a way as to minimize the chances of contagion. Furthermore, the frequency of tests will allow USTA to isolate infected people who will be kept to a minimum by the policy of social distancing and universal use of masks at all times while in the public areas of the bubble."

These are the three levels of the bubble: in the first level there are all the players, the guests, the tournament management, the referees and the members of the medical team for a total of about a thousand people. In the second level there are the media and the people who broadcast the tournament on television.

In the third level there are all the tournament staff members, security, parking, catering staff, whose interaction with the members of the first level will be minimal.