Victoria Azarenka disappointed by the women´s circuit: ´I was hoping that the climate was more collegial´

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Victoria Azarenka disappointed by the women´s circuit: ´I was hoping that the climate was more collegial´

Two-time Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka talked about her separation with her coach Sam Sumyk in an interview with the NY Times. “I will never forget what we have achieved together. I will always be grateful, but yes, it was a bit surprising for me.

It was sad, nothing else. I have no anger in me. The separation didn't end in a bad way. Then, I chose Fissette”, the Belarusian clarified. Sumyk joined Canadian Eugenie Bouchard’s team the week after the conclusion of the Australian Open.

Speaking about his decision, he said, “My decision to leave Azarenka for Bouchard was not due to money matters. My contract with Vika was good. I'm always looking for challenges. I hate comfort. When I am in a comfortable situation, it is the end of growth for me as a coach and person.

I want to be the best coach. It's never the right time for a separation between coach and player. Our relationship was more than that of a normal relationship between coach and tennis player. Vika can improve with a new person by her side.” Azarenka also spoke about her tweet last Thursday that led to her coming under a lot of fire.

The tweet which read, ‘My excitement level at the time on a scale of 1 to 10 is about 100’, coincided with Bouchard’s loss to Mona Barthel. It was also the first match for the Canadian under Sumyk’s guidance.

The Belarusian explained that she was excited to see ‘50 Shades of Grey’ and added, “After watching the film, I opened Twitter, and I found myself facing phrases like: 'oh my God, I cannot believe you wrote this!’ In situations like this, I cannot comment, since it is not my interest.

I'm sure there we will meet on the court, and there will be a lot of 'Oh my God, blah, blah, blah.’ I am focused only on myself.” The former world no.1 closed the interview by sharing her opinions on the climate on the Women’s Tour, adding that it wasn’t collegial.

She said, “I think we've had enough drama in women's tennis, and I think the guys show us a great example of that you can be competitive, but friendly. But I'm not going to think of this situation as if it was a drama.”
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