Azarenka: ´Moore comments? Sexism is still a problem, we have to rise above that´

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Azarenka: ´Moore comments? Sexism is still a problem, we have to rise above that´

Strong and interesting reply by Victoria Azarenka to Raymond Moore comments. The Indian Wells tournament director said that WTA should thank Federer And Nadal that they are born. 'I think sexism is still a problem in the world - said Vika - It's not just in sports.

It's in business. We try to talk about the equality. Sometimes it just gets unrecognized. I think what women do best is rise above those comments. You don't hear complaints or bad comments towards men'. The World No.

10 thinks women should not think about those comments anymore and look forward and working hard to prove that is wrong: 'From my perspective, if we rise above that and keep working hard in everything we do, we're better.

We're better at taking opportunities and being graceful. Why do you have to make the comment? Who cares? Simple as that. Just to make more drama or jokes? I mean, if that makes that person feel better or bigger or whatever, it's a pretty sad person, Because If you're happy you don't take care what other people do.

You just take care of you. I think that's more to important to focus on us. That's what women players and exaples like Venus and Serena and other players have been doing for - we got it from Billie Jean King where she proved everybody.

Hey, look at me. I started something, so let's go after it. I think our duty to keep just working hard through whatever comments there is. We have got to rise above that.' ALSO READ: WTA MIAMI - MAIN DRAW: Easy draw for Serena Williams. Azarenka and Kerber in the bottom half