Victoria Azarenka: ´Sometimes I had no food. I am stronger, faster and smarter than 2012´

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Victoria Azarenka: ´Sometimes I had no food. I am stronger, faster and smarter than 2012´

Sometimes becoming a champion, living a dream and being famous has its difficulties. Not only because you have to be incredibly good to have achieved a breakthrough, but also because of the difficulties of surviving and trying to work hard to realize your goals.

Victoria Azarenka knows it well. Her childhood was tough, her family was not rich and being able to live itself felt like a privilege Now the story is very different. She has much money, but her mentality has remained the same. 'I think I was born this way, and where I came from, there was no other way.

It was always, 'If you want it, you have to fight for it.' It's as simple as being hungry. I had no food sometimes - she revealed to WTA Website - 'And that's something that to this day in my life has left an impact on me.

You will never see me not finish one of my meals. I've always been a fighter, since a really young age. A fighter is something that I think I was born to be. I never give up at any stage.' Azarenka's best years on the Tour came between 2012 and 2013.

In 2012, she won the Australian Open, Doha, Indian Wells, Bejing and was the world no. 1, before successfully defending her Australian Open title in 2013. Azarenka, who once again entered the top-10 after her Indian Wells win has said that she's feeling better than before: 'I believe I'm a stronger, faster, and a smarter player.

I find ways to win when some other things don't work. I've improved my serve a lot. I'm mentally way happier, and I have people with whom I see no limitations. That's also very important, to surround yourself with energy and with people who believe you have no limits, and not just trying to tell you how to stay the same.' Azarenka will now play Miami where she will play her first match against either Cici Bellis or Monica Puig.

She's triumphed twice in Florida, in 2009 and 2011. ALSO READ: Historical record for Novak Djokovic!