Spanish learning Azarenka on shouting Vamos: Not like Rafa Nadal, but I do do that

Tennis - Azarenka says she wants to balance her professiona nd motherhood to set an example for her son

by Prakash
Spanish learning Azarenka on shouting Vamos: Not like Rafa Nadal, but I do do that

Former World No. 1 Victoria Azarenka, one of three mothers to win at the US Open on Thursday along with Serena Williams and Tsvetana Pironkova, says she wants to balance her profession and motherhood, and set an example for her son.

Azarenka was speaking to the media in New York after her second round win over countrywoman Aryna Sabalenka in straight sets on Thursday. When asked about the rise of working mothers on the tour, Azarenka responded, "But identifying myself or other players just as mothers, I think that's not the only thing that we are.

I think we are part of, you know, being a mother, we are also tennis players. We are also women who have dreams and goals and passions. So that's, I think, being a role as a mom. Everybody has their own priority, they have their own list of where they rank being a mother is, but we are not -- it's not just being a mother.

Your life doesn't stop. So I think to see that rise of women being able to fulfill their dreams, as well as balancing the motherhood, I think they all are heroes. I really, really appreciate all of them. And I hope this continues to go on where women are inspired to do what they love to do but still being able to go after what they want.

Because I think for the kids, and I hope for my son, really, it's inspiring that I still want to do what I want to do, and I work really hard for that. I want to be the example to my son." While they may be rivals on the court, Azarenka did share a very interesting anecdote about Serena Williams' daughter - Olympia.

"I think parenthood really kind of unites people where you have the same stories. Where, you know, I saw Olympia with Alexis walking, and I asked her, What is your favorite cartoon? And she said, Paw Patrol. And my son is into Paw Patrol, so I had a little sticker and she knew what it is.

Those little moments are really precious and they unite us, so it's beautiful."

Victoria Azarenka is learning Spanish and may soon be shouting Vamos like Rafa Nadal

The Belarusian also revealed that she has been brushing up on her Spanish language skills after watching a lot of Spanish movies in recent times.

When asked by the media if she was ready to start shouting 'Vamos' on court like Rafael Nadal, the 31 year old responded, "I do that. Well, not like Rafa, but I do do that. And my Spanish is getting okay (smiling). I know a lot of lyrics to a lot of reggaeton songs.

But I'm very, very shy to speak, but I hear a lot. Now I'm watching a lot of Spanish movies and stuff. So I need a little more time. I need a little more time to show my skill. Give me a little more time." Victoria Azarenka is a former World No.

1 and a two-time Grand Slam champion. She won the Western & Southern Open in New York just prior to the US Open and has now won her last seven matches in a row.

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