Death threats for the reporter who asked Naomi Osaka aggressive questions

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Death threats for the reporter who asked Naomi Osaka aggressive questions

After months of absence, Naomi Osaka came back yesterday to hold a press conference in the presence of the media. During the WTA 1000 Western & Southern in Cincinnati, however, things did not go as expected and the situation at a certain point degenerated.

The whole affair, as is well known, began on the eve of the French Open, with Naomi who decided not to resign press conferences to protect her mental health. From there began a series of problems for the Japanese tennis player, which attracted many defenders and many who criticized her.

A journalist (member of the Cincinnati Enquirer) asked the Japanese champion how it was possible to exploit her prestige to give up the dialogue with the press, the answer did not come with Naomi who immediately burst into tears and the media in question that attracted the ire of Osaka's manager Stuart Duguid.

This year's Australian Open champion then left the room crying but the next day saw incredible new episodes. Journalist Paul Daugherty was pilloried on social media and also well-known colleague Ben Rothenberg attacked Paul on social media stating that his question had aggressive tones.

Death threats for the reporter who asked Naomi Osaka aggressive questions

In some ways, however, a fiery situation has been created towards Daugherty and in the last few hours death threats have arrived against Paul and his entire family.

By giving weight to this question Rothenberg has stirred up the fire and the reporter is now a victim of this particular situation. The atmosphere towards the journalist has become very tense on social media and several Japanese fans have attacked and insulted the media.

Other media have intervened instead in the hope that this situation will be overshadowed in a short time and that the word end will be put to this sad story. Naomi Osaka still has to make her debut in the tournament since as seeded number 2 she had the Bye as a pass and in the next round the Japanese tennis player will immediately challenge the young American Cori Gauff, number 24 in the world and fresh from the clear victory in a big match of the first round on the Taipei opponent Hsieh, defeated with the result of 6-1 6-2 in about an hour of play.