“Billion dollar girl” Raducanu gets compared with Naomi Osaka and Lewis Hamilton

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“Billion dollar girl” Raducanu gets compared with Naomi Osaka and Lewis Hamilton

One of the two revelations of the 2021 US Open edition, 18-year-old Emma Raducanu took the marketing world by storm as major brands went wild for negotiating and preparing future campaigns involving the tennis prodigy. Marketing experts claim they have never seen such interest from brands since Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka.

Tim Crow, a sports marketing consultant with great experience in sponsorships, was one of the first specialists to reveal Raducanu’s significant impact on the market. “I haven’t had this many calls from clients, major brands, who are interested in her since Lewis Hamilton broke through in Formula One.

If she wins, she will become one of the hot*est properties in British sport, if not the hot*est,” said Tim Crow for The Guardian. Besides comparing Raducanu to F1’s Lewis Hamilton, Crow also found similarities between the young British player and Naomi Osaka.

“As far as brand appeal is concerned I think you can draw parallels with Naomi Osaka [born in Japan to a Haitian father and Japanese mother and raised in the US],” said Crow as quoted by The Guardian. “Because of the multicultural aspect of her heritage she is able to resonate in so many markets.

She is a world citizen: she appeals so far beyond a typical white, British, middle-class female tennis player,” said Crow. As Emma Raducanu’s father is Romanian and her mother is Chinese, Raducanu is of multicultural origins.

Raducanu, the “billion dollar girl”

Another marketing pundit, Mark Borkowski, shared a very optimistic point of view regarding Emma Raducanu’s future. “Potentially, I see her as a billion dollar girl.

She's everything that is really positive about the new icons that this age has got to throw up. In the conflicting culture wars, here we have someone who is young, incredibly talented, has a multi-cultural background, everything about her is what every brand would like to get their hands on right now. However, I feel the bubble will burst if she doesn't win tomorrow night," said Borkowski to SunSport.