Raducanu, invited to join idol Halep in father’s natal country at Transylvania Open

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Raducanu, invited to join idol Halep in father’s natal country at Transylvania Open

US Open champion Emma Raducanu is awaited with wide-open arms in her father’s natal country, Romania, where the newest WTA tournament, Transylvania Open, is set to take place just two weeks before the WTA Finals. Raducanu’s father Ian, now working in finance, grew up in Romania before moving to Great Britain and meeting Emma’s Chinese mother.

Besides offering the joy of playing in front of her father’s compatriots, Transylvania Open can bring Emma Raducanu both the opportunity to catch up with one of her tennis idols, Simona Halep, and to obtain eventual missing points in the race to the WTA Finals in Guadalajara.

That is if the 18-year-old decides to participate in the tournament that will unfold in Cluj-Napoca between October 25th and November 1st. What is clear is that the officials behind Transylvania Open would be delighted to have the fresh US Open champion playing in front of Romanian tennis fans.

“Emma has shown incredible strength in the recent weeks! I know what’s behind the effort she puts in. It's not easy to maintain that super-good level during every single match. Emma makes things seem simple, but they're not like that at all.

What I like most is how sincere her joy is. We are waiting for her at the Transylvania Open with open arms! I think Romania can't wait to meet and applaud her,” said Patrick Ciorcila, the tournament director of the Transylvania Open, for Romanian publication GSP.

Transylvania Open, the last tournament before the WTA Finals

The second WTA tournament taking place in Cluj-Napoca this year, Transylvania Open, is set to gather powerful players, especially due to its placement in the WTA calendar, two weeks before the WTA Finals.

“We expect to see strong players in the tournament, especially since we are followed by the WTA Finals. The Transylvania Open will be played indoors in the BT Arena. We will be selling tickets and tournament passes after October 1st.

And I can't wait to see the grandstand full, like at the US Open and Winners Open,” said TD Patrick Ciorcila. WTA representatives announced that the WTA Finals will take place this year on 8-15 November in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The classical location was changed due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Cluj-Napoca is the only city in Europe with 2 WTA licenses: Winners Open WTA 250 and Transylvania Open WTA 250. The latter will have at stake 280 WTA points and $235.238 in prizes.