Emma Raducanu surprised by “bloody” gift at Transylvania Open

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Emma Raducanu surprised by “bloody” gift at Transylvania Open
Emma Raducanu surprised by “bloody” gift at Transylvania Open

Emma Raducanu received a special welcome gift from the organizers of the Transylvania Open, the tournament where the US Open champion is set to compete starting Monday. Raducanu’s gift, which was received by all the other participants as well, contained traditional Romanian products: garlic, plum brandy, cherry brandy, lavender, and a special bracelet.

The player who wrote history at the US Open came by plane from London, accompanied by her Romanian father. At the airport, she was greeted with flowers by the director of the tournament, Patrick Ciorcila. "I waited for Emma with open arms and we hope she will have a special experience in Romania, the country where her father was born.

I prepared for her, but also for the other players, several activities to get to know Transylvania, but also traditional products. At the hotel, they will have, among the prepared surprises, an ie, the traditional Romanian blouse,” said the tournament director.

The meaning behind Raducanu’s traditional gift

The gift was accompanied by a very creative message that described the significance behind every part of the gift: “We’re bloody happy to have you here! Blood? You read it right so here’s a little welcome package from your biggest fan(g)s:

  • In these wild Transylvanian lands one must carry some garlic to ward off dark spirits, and so should you!

  • Or just take a sip of “visinata” or “tuica” and you will face unwanted encounters with humor or bravery (depending on how big the sip was);
  • Some lavender for you to have a relaxing stay;
  • And a traditional Romanian bracelet for beauty, for luck, for love, and for health, or just to remember us!

Enjoy the tournament and good luck!” the message reads. Emma Raducanu is set to play against Polona Hercog in the first round of the Transylvania Open, a new WTA 250 tournament that also has Simona Halep on the main draw.

Emma Raducanu

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