Naomi Osaka invests in promising sports technology company

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Naomi Osaka invests in promising sports technology company

Four-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka has invested in a sports technology and gaming firm called StatusPRO. StatusPRO focuses on combing augmented reality and virtual reality with player data to create training and fan engagement products.

Osaka, a former world No. 1, is excited to be an investor in StatusPRO. "I look for investment opportunities that can have a lasting impact on culture and society – and StatusPRO is poised to do that,” Osaka said in a statement.

“It’s not only going to influence gaming and entertainment (two things I am passionate about), but also the way athletes can train and analyze their performance”.

Osaka returned to the practice court

Osaka's last tournament of the 2021 season.came at the US Open.

I'm early September, Osaka suffered a surprise US Open third round loss to Leylah Fernandez. After the Fernandez loss, Osaka broke down in tears and said she would take another break from tennis. "Kinda rusty but feels good to be back.

I really want to say thank you everyone for all the kind messages, I really appreciate it," Osaka wrote in an Instagram post earlier this month. Meanwhile, former Japanese tennis star Kimiko Date-Krumm suggested that Osaka is taking her media obligations too seriously.

"Osaka and I have one thing in common," said Date-Krumm. "We rose up the rankings very suddenly and we weren’t really prepared for what it meant. Her personality is one that takes everything to heart in a serious way and I think this exacerbates the problems she’s had.

"You can deal with the media in many ways; you can say everything to them, or a little bit or nothing. I get the impression Osaka actually takes her media obligations too seriously. Maybe she thinks she has to answer all their questions and so feels pressure that way. I really understand her feeling."