China blocks Naomi Osaka's Weibo profile

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China blocks Naomi Osaka's Weibo profile
China blocks Naomi Osaka's Weibo profile (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Peng Shuai, the former world number one in the women's doubles had published a denouncement post on the famous social network Weibo about two weeks ago. The Chinese player accused former Deputy Prime Minister and member of the Standing Committee of the Communist Politburo Zhang Gaoli of violence and rape.

Shuai spoke clearly of abuse and a forced relationship that would have forced her to spend dark and sad years. From the moment she decided to expose herself publicly, Peng has literally disappeared and the news has raised many concerns in the world of tennis; concerns that grew when a letter that the direct interested would have sent to the WTA was released by the Chinese state channel CGTN.

China obscures Naomi Osaka's social profile

"Hello everyone, this is Peng Shuai. Regarding what is published on the WTA website, the content has not been approved nor has my consent for publication. The news contained in that statement, including the rape allegations, are not true.

I haven't disappeared and I'm not in danger. I'm just home and resting, thank you so much for caring about me. If the WTA intends to publish more news about me, please contact me directly." In the last few hours, Naomi Osaka has also raised her voice and asked for clarity on the case.

the former world number one wrote on her Twitter profile: "I'm not sure I've been following the news, but I was recently informed of a tennis friend who went missing shortly after she revealed she was abused. Censorship is never good at any cost.

I am shocked by the current situation and I send her love and light." According to the portal Nikkei Asia, the intervention of the Japanese would have pushed the social Weibo to an act of censorship in its comparisons. The Osaka's account is no longer visible in China. The concerning around Shuai Peng therefore thickens: we all hope to get some good news about her.

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