Iga Swiatek signs up to play Africa Cares Tennis Challenge

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Iga Swiatek signs up to play Africa Cares Tennis Challenge

World No. 9 Iga Swiatek has signed up to play the Africa Cares Tennis Challenge. Swiatek is the latest big name to sign up for the exhibition event as previously Simona Halep, Sloane Stephens, Venus Williams and Martina Hingis confirmed their participation.

The Africa Cares Tennis Challenge will run through 18-19 December in Johannesburg. Recently, Swiatek donated a total of $50,000 to two non-profit health organizations. "It’s the first time I commit a bigger amount of money to support a purpose that is relevant to me," Swiatek said in an Instagram post.

"My decision was spontaneous. World Mental Health Day, my win that day, Daria’s birthday, the fact that exactly one year ago I won a Grand Slam - impacted my decision. "I asked you for help in choosing a non-profit organization providing mental health support.

50k $ is a big amount of money in Polish reality, so, as a team, we decided to support two foundations with my prize money for the 3rd round in @bnpparibasopen (so 25k $ for each). Our aims are not only to provide them financial support, but to appreciate their work in terms of education and raising awareness in the field of mental health, especially among children and teenagers.

I’m publishing this post having in mind that it can raise awareness, as well."

Swiatek wants to help those struggling with depression, anxiety

"Both foundations - @fundacjaslonienabalkonie and @dajemydzieciomsile - will use this money to hire new psychotherapists to work with children and teenagers who struggle with depression, anxiety, violence and suicidal thoughts.

Never in those foundations' history has the demand for therapy been so high as it is now, mainly because of the pandemic," Swiatek added. "Thank you for your invaluable contribution to this choice. I hope that we will help together more than once in the future.

If you would like to contribute even more to this help, you can make a small donation to a foundation or share an educational post from its channels on your social media. Together we can make a great impact."