Johanna Konta could skip Australian Open amid uncertain future

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Johanna Konta could skip Australian Open amid uncertain future

Johanna Konta could skip the Australian Open and some think the former world No. 4 could be heading into a retirement. Konta, 30, plumetted to No. 112 in the world and she would need a few withdrawals to make the cut for the Australian Open.

“Jo is currently working to assess if she’ll be ready to play. With the entry deadline being on the 6th December, she’ll be making a decision soon," Konta's managament stated, as revealed on The Telegraph.

In a piece published on The Telegraph, those close to Konta reportedly said she's preparing for a small wedding ceremony with long-term boyfriend Jackson Wade. In 2020 December, Konta said she could never imagine herself playing on the Tour as a mother.

“I can’t say I ever imagine myself playing on tour as a mother,” Konta said a year ago. “I am not closed to the idea. One thing I have worked very hard on during my career is to stay quite open to things around me.

But probably I’d see myself retire and then start a family”.

Konta was hit hard by COVID-19

Konta was forced to skip Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics. "It was a combination of feeling quite ill so I was sleeping or just existing for a few days," Konta said of her battle with COVID-19 a few months ago.

"There was also a period there where I had to work through my own feelings of injustice at all of it, like: 'Why now?' sort of feeling. I needed a bit of space and a bit of licking my wounds." When asked if she regretted not taking the vaccine, she said: "I don't know, I'm not too sure."

Konta didn't want to speak too much on vaccination and potentially draw criticism. "This is a tricky thing to talk about because it's a very inflammatory subject and there's no real right answer," Konta added.

"I don't want to talk about it because I wouldn't be able to get my point across without it being a case for argument."