Andy Roddick praises WTA: They knew they would lose money but made right decision


Andy Roddick praises WTA: They knew they would lose money but made right decision

Former world No. 1 Andy Roddick praised the WTA for not thinking about potential financial losses and doing the right by suspending all tournaments scheduled to take place in China in 2022. On Wednesday, the WTA took a major stand in the Peng situation as they announced they were suspending all events scheduled for China, including Hong Kong.

The WTA have been trying to get into a direct with Peng for weeks but unsuccesfully. "There are a lot of organizations who can afford to do something like this a lot more than the WTA can ……. Respect. Doing the right thing is a lot easier when there aren’t associated costs.

I continue to be proud to be in the tennis orbit," Roddick tweeted.

Roddick thinks the WTA did the right thing

"I have been gratified by the massive amount of international support the WTA has received for its position on this matter.

To further protect Peng and many other women throughout the world, it is more urgent than ever for people to speak out. The WTA will do everything possible to protect its players. As we do so, I hope leaders around the world will continue to speak out so justice can be done for Peng, and all women, no matter the financial ramifications," WTA CEO Steve Simon announced.

"I very much regret it has come to this point. The tennis communities in China and Hong Kong are full of great people with whom we have worked for many years. They should be proud of their achievements, hospitality and success.

However, unless China takes the steps we have asked for, we cannot put our players and staff at risk by holding events in China. China’s leaders have left the WTA with no choice. I remain hopeful that our pleas will be heard and the Chinese authorities will take steps to legitimately address this issue”.

Andy Roddick