WTA CEO on emails received from Peng Shuai: They’re just 100% orchestrated

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WTA CEO on emails received from Peng Shuai: They’re just 100% orchestrated

WTA CEO Steve Simon is 100 percent sure that the emails receved from Peng Shuai were "orchestrated." Peng went missing in China a month ago after accusing a former vice premier of sexual assault. The WTA tried multiple to get into a direct communication with Peng but their every try was unsuccessful.

The WTA did receive a couple of emails that were claimed to be sent from Peng but the WTA had a hard time believing that those emails were actually written by Peng. “When you come out with the allegations that Peng did early in November, they were significant and they were detailed," Simon said, per Tennishead.

“And now to be receiving the emails and the correspondence from her that certainly are very – they’re just 100% orchestrated, and I do not think that they reflect what the allegations did and the true position.

The WTA took a major stand in the Peng case

On Wednesday, the WTA suspended all tournaments scheduled to take place in China and Hong Kong next year. The WTA wanted to get a verifiable proof that Peng was safe and didn't receive it.

"We don’t have a lot of contact coming out of the region (China)," Simon added. “The contact that we’ve had has basically been consistent. She’s in Beijing, She’s fine, she’s under no physical stress, etc.

Which is what we’ve seen in the videos and the pictures that we’ve seen. “We just feel very strongly that this (contact) has certainly been orchestrated, consistent with those that are very familiar with the region as to how these things (sexual assault allegations) are handled over there.

It is fully expected. “We have two principle points right now. We definitely want to confirm Peng is available to speak without censorship, any pressures or any restrictions in any way and we do want a full and transparent investigation into these very serious allegations”.