IOC president reveals details of his conversation with missing Peng Shuai

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IOC president reveals details of his conversation with missing Peng Shuai

International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach insists Peng Shuai has been offered support in all areas following the allegations she made against a former Chinese vice premier. Peng went missing in China a month ago and the tenns world is concerned about her safety and well-being.

The Winter Games are scheduled to take place in China next and the public has accused the IOC if not doing enough in the Peng case, as well as accused of putting money above human rights. "It is on my and everyone’s mind.

Such humanitarian cases are coming particularly close to you. Physical integrity is the most important human right. We were sharing this concern for an Olympic athlete with many athletes and people around the world when she could not be reached for a long time.

We had to decide how to proceed in such a situation," Bach told dpa.

The IOC had two video calls with Peng

"In the two conversations she showed herself to be grateful that we sought to contact her. She also talked about her career as a tennis player and her three Olympic appearances, and which effects the Covid pandemic is having on the continuation of her career.

These conversations will continue. You have to respect her, as well as her approach. We are also in talks with Chinese sport organizations and official bodies. And I can assure you that all aspects of this case are being discussed with the Chinese side," Bach insisted.

Back claimed the IOC offered Peng "support in all areas." "I was very touched by the conversation with her. It is not easy to hold such a talk via video. I can only report what she is reporting. We have offered her support in all areas.

You can only have a really meaningful conversation with an athlete who is in such a fragile situation if trust is built up and the public around the world is not immediately informed about its content," Bach added.