US Open trophy returned to Emma Raducanu

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US Open trophy returned to Emma Raducanu

British tennis star Emma Raducanu has had her US Open trophy returned to her. After her US Open victory, Raducanu had her US Open trophy shipped to the LTA as a token of appreciation.

"I just thought the LTA had done so much for me and I just wanted them to have it as a sign for everything they had done for me through the young ages.

They played a huge role in my development so it’s a little gift,” Raducanu said back in October. Raducanu said the LTA did a lot for her so she thought shipping the trophy to them would be a nice gift. “I haven’t actually seen it.

I got it shipped straight to the NTC so I can’t wait to go. I don’t know if it’s there right now, but that’s the address,” Raducanu further explained. “I just thought it was a nice gift and a nice moment.

I think they’ve (LTA) done a lot for me so it was just a token of appreciation. A special one."

Raducanu claims awards in Great Britain

Raducanu, 19, claimed the Sportswoman of the Year and International Newcomer titles at the 2021 SJA British Sports Awards.

“It’s such an honour to receive such a great award,” Raducanu said,. “There have been some incredible past winners, so for me to be part of this is a really incredible achievement. It’s been a really crazy year and such an incredible journey bit I’m looking forward to what’s ahead (in 2022)."

Raducanu insists her recent success hasn't changed her. "For me, I am just going about my business," Raducanu noted. "I take the train sometimes. I am doing the same journeys I used to. I feel like I am the exact same person.

I will go about everything I used to do. I don't see why I should change the things that got me that title. I am still enjoying it."