Belinda Bencic: "Just follow the rules at the Australian Open 2022

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Belinda Bencic: "Just follow the rules at the Australian Open 2022

Novak Djokovic has not yet resolved his doubts. The presence in the entry lists of the two main events of the down-under season, the ATP Cup and the Australian Open 2022, is also poor in certainties: at present the one in the ATP Cup and the Australian Open is completely formal: without a vaccine in the southern continent you do not play.

A few weeks after the restart of the Tour, Tennis Australia had a positive response from the overwhelming majority of the protagonists. Olympic champion Belinda Bencic explained during an interview with Blitz the Olympic her opinion about the situation in Australia.

She said: "These are rules that I share. Then it's up to everyone to decide if he wants to follow them or not. We shouldn't have to live with a very long quarantine either. Although now with the new variant of the virus, things could change very quickly.

We will probably have new news soon. Last year was not easy, because obviously it is not pleasant to spend so much time in a hotel room, but after that it was a great challenge. Many people think that a couple of weeks without exercising makes no difference.

Instead for an athlete it is very important."

Bencic analyzed her 2021 and the goals for 2022

The Olympic champion then obviously had the opportunity to analyze the season just ended and to set the plans for the next one.

She explained: "I'm very satisfied. I could have done a little more in the first part, but tennis is all about ups and downs. I was very lucky to have a perfect state of form in conjunction with the Olympics. I also did well at the US Open and with the Billie Jean King Cup team we reached the final.

Now that the ranking is back to normal, I have to think about climbing some positions. And I have to stop putting too much pressure on myself in important matches. Nobody expected me to win in Tokyo and it was the best win of my career.

I made one of my biggest dreams come true and I became aware of being able to fight with anyone, anywhere. Now I have to think about making the others."