Eugenie Bouchard hits practice court for first time in eight months

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Eugenie Bouchard hits practice court for first time in eight months

Eugenie Bouchard has returned to the practice court for the first time in eight months and she couldn't be happier. Former world No. 5 Bouchard had been hampered by a shoulder injury for quite some time and she underwent a surgery in June.

"The first ball I hit in 8 months!!! The day has finally arrived! I can’t believe it," Bouchard said in an Instagram post.

Bouchard admitted she was scared before the surgery because that's the first time she had been put under anesthesia.

"But everything went perfectly,” Bouchard explained, per Tennis Up To Date.“However when I came to after the procedure I kinda freaked out and was super emotional lol. "My mom took videos. I'll have to show y'all one day.

It's too funny."

Nothing worked so Bouchard decided to undergo a surgery

"Hey guys. Bad news to report. As some of you may know, I’ve been having pain in my right shoulder since last fall. This past March, I tore my subscapularis in my first round match in Guadalajara.

Since then, I have tried every form of conservative treatment and rehab known to man, to no avail. So last week, I pulled the trigger and had arthroscopic surgery. Doc says everything went great. I have a tough road of rehab ahead of me, but my spirits are high and I will work hard to get back to the job that I love," Bouchard announced in June.

"Thank you to Dr. Altchek and his great team at HSS. They helped make this whole process as pleasant as it could possibly be. And thank you to all of you guys for your unwavering support. I will be busy in the next few months and I’ll keep you posted!" One of Bouchard's wishes for 2022 is to play at the Rome Masters.

“Hopefully Rome in May 2022!” Bouchard replied to a question about a possible return to Italy. “Last time I played Rome was 2016 can you believe it."